Sunday, November 17, 2013

Visiter le monde dans son fauteuil

Au choix il suffit de cliquer sur le pays que sur l'on souhaite visiter! Super!
Cliquez sur le pays, Puis sur la ville ..... Et c'est merveilleux!

C'est un des plus beaux mails jamais reçu, le plus intéressant pour 
y passer des heures ... et des heures a voyager en images et en musique. 
Dans Tous Les Endroits du monde ........ ... 


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Quê Huong với nét đẹp thân thương - Ảnh : Jeffry Suriantou

Nhiếp ảnh gia: Jeffry Suriantou
Lời thơ:  Trầm Hương Thơ

Ngắm những bức ảnh, người ta chợt nao lòng nhớ đến quê hương. Nhìn ngắm những khung hình mà thấy lòng nhẹ nhõm, yên bình đến lạ lẫm.

Nhảy giây tung mình trong vòng soáy
Nửa đời nhìn lại vẫy còn quay

 Cái thú quê mình thật thân thiết
Em bé chăn trâu viết lại đời...

Ruộng quê bát ngát nhìn xanh mướt
Vùng vẫy say sưa nước non nhà... 

Tung tăng cánh diều nhẹ trong gió
Tuổi thơ vui thích như cánh cò...

Khóm trúc làng quê chiều về xóm
Đàn cừu mừng vui được chăm nom...

Đồi cát Mũi Né Phan Thiết đây
Gánh nặng hai vai Mẹ đã trầy...

Quê Hương non nước hữu tình
Ngàn năm còn mãi bóng hình trong ta

Nặng gánh Giang Sơn Nam, Trung, Bắc
Vai Mẹ sờn mãi nhắc nhở con

Cốc nước Mẹ cho con ấm lòng
Bây giờ xa cách mãi hoài mong..

Một mình tay chống tay chèo
Xuôi theo vận nước khó nghèo do ai?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Xuân Quý Tỵ - 2013.

Chúc mừng năm mới!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

50 Years Leadership 62 Reunion in Las Vegas (October 13-October 15).

In 1962, a group of Vietnamese students, after going through a battery of tests won the scholarship to go study in the United States.  There were 30 of us. We were young, filled with enthusiasm and yet apprehended the days ahead , living in a foreign country ,away from home and family. Our departure date for the US  University was August 23rd 1962.
Our first stop was Washington DC for some orientation. 

To-day, fifty years later, we decided to get together again to celebrate the 50 years anniversary. After many weeks of preparation, the meeting finally took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Not all of the members of the group could come for different reasons, we are thankful for those who made the effort to attend this event.
Most of the attendees stay at the Circus Circus Casino hotel, Lien & Trach stayed at the Flamingo. On October 13, Hue who arrived the previous day with her friend Thanh Mai, was ready to receive the arrivals of the participants.  Participants arrived either by car or by plane at different times but we succeeded in getting together thanks to Hue who met the attendees at the reception desk.

Our first meal, a lunch at around 3PM,   took place at the Rock & Rita restaurant inside the Circus Circus Casino, the food was average but we had good discount. The place was very noisy but nothing could beat the noises made by our group.  Everyone talked at the same time. All of us were happy to see the others. 

  The  boy ‘s gang : anh Thinh, anh Trien, anh Dong, anh Trach, anh Nghia , anh Tuan were making jokes at  each other  relating their old time stories.  We were not able to get in touch with anh Lam & chi Thuong even though they arrived quite early in the afternoon .Finally after many phone calls, we succeeded in finding them at the same time as Le Tuyet and anh Chuong  who arrived  last. 
A group picture was taken  in the reception hall of the Circus Circus:
For the evening meal, everyone voted for “steak and lobster” at the Tony Romas downtown inside  the Fremont casino. 

  This gave us a chance to watch the Fremont electronic experience show and the Flightlinez  soaring along the Fremont street on the zip line.
 The theme on October 13 was Don Mclean with American Pie.
Fremont Street Electronic Experience with fighlinez zippers on the zip line

Lien- Mai-Thuong -Dong- Le Chi -Mai -Tuan


 Trach had an excellent idea of getting into the restaurant and taking a number. This restaurant  is always full and  have a special deal after 9PM of a delicious dish of steak and lobster.   Ninh and Bruce could not join us, neither could Le Tuyet and anh Chuong who went to the Elton John grand piano show and anh Nghia was also absent.

The meals were good and the men were drinking wine and joking and making lots of noise as always and the girls were telling their stories.  It was a great atmosphere of good humour ,  and friendship. We talked a lot, we laughed a lot and we made fun of one another.
On October 14, the morning breakfast and lunch were free choice. Small groups of people did some sightseeing, others gambled at the casino.  

In the evening, we met at the Circus Circus buffet. Ninh’s daughter, Christina, joined the group and she was very charming, and very helpful  by directing the people at the buffet to setup  tables for such a big group.  Henry , Le Chi ‘s husband , has just arrived and came to join the group. Henry speaks Vietnamese so he was not too lost listening to the Vietnamese chit chat.  Everyone had a good meal but we were tired and needed to go to bed early for the next day outing.

Videos from the trip
Video Lien
Circus Circus Buffet 

Videos anh Trien
Click on the picture to view
  Fremont  Street - Flightlinez                            Fremont Street - We will rock you - Queen

    Fremont Street - The Monsters                              Fremont Street- Concert

  Bellagio Fountains and Casino                         Grand Canyon - West Rim
Grand Canyon Tour - West Rim 

Below is the video on you tube - summary of this event.
October 15 is the Grand Canyon West Rim tour.  Many of us have taken many times the Grand Canyon Tour but very few had seen the West Rim. The pick-up time was around 5 to 6 AM and we started for the tour. We had an excellent tour guide who related not only the history of Las Vegas ( , the personages that  built Las Vegas,   the changing of the environment and the development of Las Vegas.

This is the summary video on you tube.

Enthusiastic Responses from the trip

Anh Nghia :To all of us from the Leadership 62 group:
Many thanks for the joyous time together: we really appreciated the Moment.  If you think that I was a little detached..I knew how much I appreciated your company during that short time together.
Have safe return home.
Hi All,
It was great seeing all of you again.  Hope all of you got home safely.
Anh Tuan :
I share the same sentiments, feelings, experience, and thankfulness. You guys have shown an unforgettable dedication to friendship and fellowship. It was/is a memorable gathering
Anh Lam:
WOW... so wonderful to be together again... most of you I have not seen for 50 years!!! We had a great time! Thanks to ALL, especially the "organizers"...  Let's do it again SOON!!!
What a memorable reunion that was long overdue. Great to see all of you, esp. those I had not seen for 50 years. Henry was impressed with the way we interacted with one another, just like a group of old friends. We looked so happy and everyone could not stop talking!
Lien and Trach:
Trach and  I are just  back from Las Vegas and I felt overwhelmed by the thank- you notes from  anh Nghia, anh Tuan, anh Lam & Hue to one another.  We know that without the cooperation and the enthusiasm of the group, this trip cannot be successful.  This memorable meeting and the efforts you all made to come to Las Vegas is a living proof that our friendship is eternal and that we are a great group. There are people that we have not met for 50 years but when we were together, everything  seemed  to be like yesterday.   As long as we are still in good health, we will certainly want to do this again. 
Many thanks again to all the participants.  We will be in touch
Le Tuyet
Hello my "old " friends of more than 50 years,I was excited and still am delighted by the warm atmosphere of our 3 day-reunion in Las Vegas.Although I had not reconnected with some of you since 1962,my memories are so vivid and my feelings are overwhelmed.Time has passed, but all of you act youthful, sound funny and look heathly good.Thanks again for including me as your group
Thanks to everyone who had put efforts to make the reunion so meaningful and enjoyable.Chuong is sending his warm greetings to each one of you
Ninh suggested  another meeting soon...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Các dịch vụ của người Việt ở các tiểu bang.

Xin giới thiệu các bạn dịch vụ ở các tiểu bang. Khi bạn đến thăm bạn bè ở một tiểu bang khác nơi mình ở mà cần tìm những dịch vụ cần thiết thì các bạn có thể vào web site nầy để tìm.:

Trung Tâm dịch vụ người Việt

Khi vào trang nhà nầy, thì bên trái có những mục lục giúp các bạn tìm những dịch vụ vùng bạn đến.

Đây là những dịch vụ mà các bạn có thể tìm thấy:
Dịch Vụ Nhà Hàng/Cà Phê/Chợ

  • Nhà Hàng/Cà Phê/Chợ
  • Dịch Vụ/Bảo Hiểm/Pháp Lý...
  • Quà/Hoa/Trang Sức...
  • Du Lịch/Xe Cộ/Vận Chuyển...
  • Sức Khỏe/Y Tế
  • Thẩm Mỹ/Tóc/Nails...
  • Các Ngành Khác

Đây là những vùng và những nơi bạn có thể tìm những dịch vụ kể trên: 
Dịch Vụ Du Lịch/Xe Cộ/Vận Chuyển...

  • Nam Cali - L.A./Little Saigon...
  • Bắc Cali - San Jose...
  • Las Vegas
  • Nam Texas - Houston...
  • Bắc Texas - Dallas...
  • Miền Đông - D.C./Virginia...
  • Miền Tây - (ngoài California)
  • Miền Trung Tây - Chicago, Denver...
  • Hawaii
  • Việt Nam - Saigon
  • Cambodia
Xin vào website để rỏ chi tiết :

Xe đò từ Little Saigon

I - Xe đò đi Las Vegas từ Little Saigon

Các bạn khi về Little Saigon đã đi xem lanh quanh và muốn đến Las Vegas chơi một ngày rồi về thì các bạn có thể di chuyển bằng xe đò. Muốn đi xe đò phải gọi trước để dành chổ. Xe đò rất đông khách không gọi trước có thể không đi được.

Có hai hãng xe đò đi Las Vegas:Xe đò Las Vegas Shuttle Khánh và Xe đò Lộc. Lệ phí (tháng 10 2012):  $40 một chuyến đi. $70 chuyến đi và về. - 7 ngày một tuần

A - Xe đò Las Vegas Shuttle Khánh :

Phone: 714.654.1658 (Kenny / Khánh)  702.353.8815

* Sáng (morning) 
  • Giờ đi (Departure): Little Saigon & Las Vegas: 9:00am
  • Giờ đến (Arrival): 1:15pm - 1:30pm
* Chiều (afternoon)- giờ đi: Little Saigon: 5:00pm, Las Vegas: 4:30pm
Pick up Locations :
1. Little Saigon: ABC market (8970)   Bolsa ave. & Magnolia ave.
2. El Monte: Thuận Phát superstore (Rosemead ave. & Garvey ave.)
3.Pomona: 99 Ranch market (1015 Nogales & freeway 60)
4.SouthPoint: SouthPoint Casino - Las Vegas (Shuttle pick up & drop off, NORTH DOOR)
5. Las Vegas: Thuận Phát superstore (4725 W. Spring Mountain rd. & Decatur ave.)

Xin vào Link của xe đò : Xe do Las Vegas Shuttle Khanh

B - Xe đò Lộc Las Vegas 

 Pick-up and Drop-off at Casino South Point, Rio, and Gold Coast 
* Có thể gởi hành lý tại Casino Gold Coast trong khi chờ đợi xe đò

* Sáng đi từ Little Sài Gòn: 9:15am
Tại địa điểm: Phở Bolsa
  13912 Brookhurst Street Garden Grove, CA 92843 
  (góc Brookhurst Street & Westminster Ave.)
* Đến Las Vegas: 1:30pm
Tại địa điểm: Pho Kinh Do Restaurant
          4300 West Spring Mountain Road  Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 
         (góc Spring Mountain Road & Arville Street)
* Chiều đi từ Las Vegas: 4:45pm
Tại địa điểm: Pho Kinh Do Restaurant
         4300 West Spring Mountain Road  Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
         (góc Spring Mountain Road & Arville Street)
* Đến Little Sài Gòn: 9:00pm
Tại địa điểm: Phở Bolsa
  13912 Brookhurst Street
  Garden Grove, CA 92843
  (góc Brookhurst Street & Westminster Ave.)

Xin vào Link của xe đò : Xe do Loc Las Vegas

II - Xe đò Hoàng đi từ Bắc đến Nam Cali, từ Arizona đến Nam Cali

Xin vào Link của xe đò: Xe đò Hoàng

Lộ TrìnhGiá/1 chiều
Khởi hành từ Bắc Cali -> Nam Cali
(Đi từ San Francisco & Oakland tính thêm $5)
Khởi hành từ Bắc Cali -> San Diego$60
Khởi hành từ Sacramento -> San Diego$80

Khởi hành TỪ Bắc Cali ĐẾN Nam Cali
Khởi hành từ:Lúc

Đến tại:
Huong Lan Sandwich, Sacramento
6930 65 Street, Sacramento
7:30AMChina Town, Metro Station
1231 North Spring Street, Los Angeles
MC Donald, San Francisco
600 Van Ness Ave, SF
6:30AMThuan Phat Supermarket, El Monte
2650 N Rosemead Blvd, El Monte
Ba Le's Sandwiches, Oakland
1909 International Ave, Oakland
7:00AMABC Supermarket, Westminster
8970 Bolsa Ave, Westminster
Lee Sandwich, San Jose
2525 King Rd, San Jose
8:30AMLucky Seafood, San Diego
9326 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego

* Khách hàng có thể đặt chỗ qua online hoặc phoneSan Jose: 408-729-7885 I Santa Ana: 714-839-3500 I Toll Free: 888-834-9336